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Professional Tree Pruning/Shaping
If done correctly tree pruning can help your trees look and natural health.  What pruning does is it opens the canopy of the tree to breathe and grow and absorb sunlight.  All these thing can help improve the life rate of your trees.    Call A Cut Above Tree Service as we travel up and down Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Main Line and Northern Delaware. 

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Removing a tree is a last resort.  We do everything we can to preserve a tree.  But nothing lasts forever so in some instances a tree simply need to be removed.  With our state of the art cranes and certified tree surgeons, we are capable of handling the task.  Here are some reasons tree simply need to be removed.  

1.  The tree has lost it's beauty and spark.  No new growth, no budding, etc.   
2.  Trees get old and run out of life, therefore removal is necessary.   
3.  The tree poses a health risk hazard to the neighborhood.  It could be hanging over your roof, exposed on electrical lines and could be a threat to people on your property.  

Let's face it.  Old stumps on your property or business are an eye sore and a living quarters for insect and rodents.  At A Cut Above Tree Service we can remove your old stumps with our state of the art stump grinding machines.  We dig down deep to the root of the problem and get all debris cleared making it look like nothing was ever there.  After the stump removal process is finished we complete the job by loading the area with rich topsoil and top shelf grass seed.  Within weeks you wouldn't even know the stump existed. 

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Providing Stump Removal in Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Main Line over 20 years.